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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  February 24, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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>> that's a girl thing. we have to walk in our heels before we get on the stage. >> my strapies will be well worn in before i get out there. >> i don't know what the protocol is. good luck, break a leg, or give you a pound. i'll give you a pound. >> do the thing where it goes like this. >> you want to blow it up? that's what we should have done, just shake hands. >> that was our nischelle turner from hollywood. coming up, more on the celebrities and, of course, the fashion. the academy awards are tonight. piers morgan covers it on our red carpet special "road to gold." thanks so much for starting your morning with us. much more ahead on "cnn sunday morning" which starts right now. and good morning to you, i'm susan hendricks in this morning for randi kaye. last hour, pope benedict xvi
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gave his final angelus prayer in front of a massive crowd and also included a personal message. we heard him tell the crowd that he's not abandoning the church and that he's going to spend more time praying and meditating. ben wedemen is at st. peter's square at vatican city. ben, how are people reacting there? >> people are reacted very positively. we had well over 100,000 people in st. peter's square and the area around it, the city of rome had provided additional security, additional buses to bring the people here. there were pilgrims from all over the place. we heard the pope addressing the people in st. peter's square in italian and french and spanish and portuguese and spanish. a very large crowd. when he finished his address in all those language, a very loud applause to pope benedict. he only has five days left before he officially steps down
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as pope at 8:00 p.m. on the 28th of february. susan? >> ben, are people speculating more about why the pope is resigning? i know he said it has something to do with his health, but there is gossip and rumors surrounding the real reasons why he is stepping down. anyone talking about that? >> oh, yes, many people are and, of course, this is all based upon these reports and two italian media. a daily newspaper here and a weekly news magazine, which suggests that the pope was inspired to resign when he received a 300-page investigation by three cardinals he had signed, he had charged with investigating wrongdoing in the vatican. now, according to these reports in the italian media, they reported it documented allegations of sexual misconduct by priests within the vatican
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and financial misconduct, as well, by vatican officials. now, the vatican itself reacted very strongly to these italian media reports saying these reports are unverified, unverifiable or completely baseless. susan? >> yeah, the media and the vatican really have two different versions of exactly what's going on on the inside. how soon, ben, are we expecting the cardinals to meet and choose a new pope to take over? >> well, those, that sort of process won't really begin until the first of march after the pope steps down officially. and then there's discussion of holding the conclave, that meeting of 116 cardinals to elect a new pope as early as the 15th of march, possibly earlier if all the cardinals are in place for that conclave to take place. suzen? >> ben wedemen, thanks so much for that live report. appreciate it. meanwhile, one u.s. cardinal
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who will take part in electing the new pope was interviewed by police before flying to italy. we are talking about cardinal mahony. it was all about a priest accused of molesting dozens of boys in the l.a. area while mahony was in charge at the time. he has been deposed before, but this was the first time he was asked about new reports that he shielded priests who were accused of abuse. the latest now on oscar pistorius. he isn't the only one in his family accused of killing someone, you heard right. overnight we learned his brother is charged in the death of another woman. joining us now from johannesburg, you just heard from his attorney, is that right? >> yes, indeed. i just got off the phone with his attorney who has confirmed that oscar pistorius' older brother has been charged, he says the main charge is culpable homicide with an alternative
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charge of reckless and negligent driving. he confirms in relation to an incident that happened in 2010 when he collided, his car collided with a woman on a motorcycle. he tells me that this woman then was taken to hospital and died a few days later. as you can imagine, such a bizarre twist to this oscar pistorius matter. it's a huge story here in south africa and a huge story around the world. everybody watched carl pistorius by his brother's side ever since he was arrested outside the house. they took him to the police station. carl pistorius has been there supporting his brother and now we find out he is facing very serious charges himself, susan. >> certainly a trying time for that family, no matter what you believe regarding both of the brothers. thanks so much. parole officers are already checking up on oscar pistorius. the olympic runner is staying at his uncle's secure mansion in south africa as part of the
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condition of his bail because his home is a crime scene. pistorius accused of murdering his girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. he said he thought he was shooting an intruder. his next court appearance set for this summer in june. three race fans remain in the icu this morning, including a child, we're hearing. they are among the 28 people injured by flying debris after a massive crash at the speedway last night. repairs made at the track and tonight's daytona 500 will go on as scheduled. joining me on the phone, john newsom who was at the race yesterday when the crash happened. how close were you? you were there as a spectator, as a fan, isn't that right? >> good morning, susan, that's correct. i was sitting in the sprint tower, which is the main grandstand and i was sitting with my family as these cars made the final turn around turn four coming to the finish line and that is, obviously, when the crash happened. i think it was initially, we
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didn't realize how bad it was. we see crashes frequently in the sport. it is rare that you see a car air boborne airborne. they try to keep them on the ground. when we saw the debris start flying over the fence, we sort of realized this is more than a bad wreck on the track itself. >> for those who have never been to a race, what does it sound like to be there and what does it sound like to hear a crash? >> i think even at the beginning of the race, you sort of feel the deep rumable ablble it vib to your core. it was a pack of 40 cars. but with 40 cars or at least 20 in this case, a couple of them crashing at 200 miles an hour, it's very, very loud and it sort of shakes the grandstand with a level of intensity that sort of is alarming, i think, to a lot of people. i think initially people were shocked at what had happened and
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on further inspection, we could tell this is clearly unusual, but i think it is a little bit shocking for people who have been going to races for a number of years. >> what was the reaction in the crowd? i understand one of the pieces of debris was a wheel assembly that weighed more than 100 pounds. once the crowd realized what had happened, what was their reaction? were they trying to gather around those that were hurt? >> i think it was initially everybody was just trying to figure out what had actually happened. i think everybody was trying to get a sense of, is everything okay? i think once they realized there was debris scattered throughout the stands, people tried to take pictures and then i think people started to realize there were potential injuries with this and very quickly they sent had a medical crew and had medics out there fairly quickly and trying to give those people that were injured sort of a sense of priva privacy. >> i know you have been calling in since last night since it happened. we appreciate your first-hand
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account of it, thanks. >> you got it, susan. a look now at two storm systems moving across parts of the u.s. you could see it behind me. one is targeting the plains and midwest. dumped two inches of snow in the denver area. yep, the snow is still coming down and could see up to a foot by the end of the day. the other storm system in the northeast, the third straight weekend of heavy snowfall there, as well. not as much as expected. want to check in with meteorologist karen maginnimagi. they can't catch a break no matter how little the snowfall is. >> as you said earlier, you were hoping it would be springtime, but, no, back-to-back storm systems. >> punxsutawney phil said early spring. >> i think that got our hopes up. this major winter storm system will eject out of the four corners and move across the central plains and rival some of the snow totals we saw across the central u.s. wichita, kansas city, wow, did
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they see just a pummeling of snowfall. well, the track after the next several days is going to be a little iffy. but it is going to produce a little bit of snowfall into midland texas. denver could see about a foot. wichita, kansas city, kansas city has seen 9, 10, 11 inches of snowfall for the month. but we could see an additional maybe six inches of snow. so, it looks like one of those kind of februarys that is just going to linger for a little while longer. area of low pressure, as i said, moves across the ohio river valley. this is almost one of those triple threats, again, with the snow, little bit of ice and some thunderstorms out ahead of it. but take a look at this. forecast snowfall totals going into about wednesday. a foot, foot and a half and these are areas that have been blasted over the winter. now, some folks, especially across the southeast in the mid-atlantic wondered, wow, is winter ever going to arrive? it did.
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it took until 2013 for the winter season to really start to kick in. blizzard warnings just to the east of denver could see those winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. very dangerous driving conditions. if you're going up to steam boat if you're going over to aspen or vail, those road conditions very slick. salt lake city, fog and temperatures only in the 20s. denver is reporting 26 degrees right now and some light snow. here's the view across denver right now. as i mentioned, they could see 6 to 12 inches of snowfall with some very gusty winds. into new england, not quite the storm system we were looking at, but definitely has produced some snow. not for boston. boston, you've had enough, haven't you? still the winter weather advisories in effect. looks like portland down east in maine. you would expect the heaviest snow. in the deep south storms and showers developing later, including daytona, susan. could see a 50% chance of showers.
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good morning, washington, d.c. a live look outside the white house this morning. the president accompanied his daughter, sasha, to a dance last night. d.c. 52 degrees and partly cloudy conditions today. las vegas police have identified a suspect in thursday's shooting and car crash that left three people dead. they're looking now for this man, 26-year-old ammar harris. they have impounded his black range rover they say was used in that shooting. kenneth cherry was shot as he drove his masera tti on the veg strip. the cabby and his passenger were killed. rapper mc hammer is taking to twitter to tell his side of the story following his arrest on thursday night. he is accused of obstruu obstru officer. he tweeted this, "it was comical
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rise and shine on this sunday morning. atlanta you see the sun peeking out. partly cloudy, it should get there later on this morning. it's been called the little indy that could. beast of the southern wild and tonight's breakout star could take home the best actress award. she is taking it with grace. here she is. >> it is about being there and being nominated. having the pride to being nominated and being in the history book or just being nominated. everything is great with what you have. if you win, that's great, too. >> she is way beyond her years at just 9.
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quvenzhane. victor blackwell spoke with screen writer lucy albar in her nomination. take a look. >> i feel, i feel really happy. i mean, i feel really good to be here with all my friends and just to see so much support and love for the movie is so incredible and humbling. >> i have not seen a lot of the nominated movies. this one i saw and it is amazing and i know that a lot of it was unscripted. what was it like for you as the writer? >> well, it was a real process of working with quvenzhane and dwight on really fitting the roles to them and they are both such incredible actors that give masterful performances. that was such to work with them. to take them through a play to the sundance labs and making a movie with about 100 of our friends in southern louisiana.
7:22 am
it was just incredible. >> are you surprised by the reaction? everyone from oprah to people you meet on the street. >> i think as a father/daughter story and a story of community and what you hold on to, we tried to make it about, about our own families, i think. and i think people connect to that. >> this relationship between father and daughter, the character of hush puppy played by quvenzhane wallis. what was it like working with her? >> it was a beautiful experience. i mean she's very funny. she's very very alert and just a delight to have on set. we would have dance parties every once in a while. >> with a 5-year-old, 6-year-old you could have dance parties between takes. let me ask you this, what do you
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think her chances are of winning? >> you know, i don't know. i haven't paid too much attention to that since the nominations were announced. i really think our win is being here and the fact that the movie is so out there. >> and best of love to lucy alibar and quvenzhane. the road to gold begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. tonight's oscars will honor the best in cinema but last night at a holiday inn express were honored. make light of bad acting and bad films. "twilight" nominated. the final installment and based on the best-selling book. the film won for worst film in 2012. here are some of the categories. "twilig "twilight" won and kristen stewart for worst actress and
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taylor latner for worst supporting actor. will the race go on as planned after the stands were torn apart by a horrific crash? but, first, let's check in with dr. sanjay gupta for a look at what's coming up. >> susan, the biggest buzz in washington. these forced spending cuts that will take effect in less than a week if congress can't reach a deal, some real consequences for your health. we'll talk about that. plus, the filmmaker behind the oscar nominated "how to survive a plague." and also the secrets of happy families. how to rethink family dinner and even how to make it smarter. it's chevy truck month! the silverado is also recognized for the lowest cost of ownership. hey, what are you gonna do with it? end table. oh. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month.
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fans. it happened on the race's last lap. one car careening into the catch fence, breaking apart. a lot of flying debris went into the stands. three meanal remain in the intensive care unit this morning. las vegas police identify harris as the suspect in the shooting and car crash. they impounded his range rover they said was involved in the shooting. kenneth cherry was shot as he drove his maserati on the vegas strip. the cabby and his passenger were killed along with cherry. parole officers are already checking up on oscar pistorius. the olympic runner is staying at his uncle's secure mansion because his home is part of a
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crime scene now. he is accused of murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day. he said she thought she was an intruder. his next court appearance is set for june. last hour, the pope gave his final sunday blessing at the vatican and it added a personal message to it, as well. he thanked the crowd for their affection and said he's not abandoning the church. he said he will spend time praying and mediating when he officially leaves office thursday night. the first pope to resign and the vatican hopes to have a new pope by easter. the vatican has shut down a "enemy drone." supposedly happened during military maneuvers in southern ir iran. iran has not released any pictures of the drone which they had done when they claimed to have captured two u.s. drones. this is the video that iran said they got back in 2011. president obama asked for it back, but iran refused. noju


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